Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sixth of Ten -- Thoughts on My Photographs in Separate Wings of the Same Bird

I placed these photographs together for three reasons—age, posture, and texture.

Photograph XI – On the Bench at La Placita

I took five or six photographs of this man sitting outside of La Placita. First, it was his eyes staring back at me—strong. I also noticed the key around his neck, something that many of the people I photographed at the market wore. It’s significant because it represents people coming from their homes to spend days in public places, Public Living Rooms.

Photograph XII – Abuelo Early Evening in Havana Viejo

The light was perfect and this diminutive woman had eyes that spoke. Like many of her neighbors, she sat on the stoep avoiding the heat and living in public. After leaving Cuba I revisited Peter Turnley, my teacher’s, book on Cuba. He had taken a photograph of the same woman – I hadn’t remembered it and he never mentioned it?

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