Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fifth of Ten -- Thoughts on My Photographs in Separate Wings of the Same Bird

Photographs IX & X in the exhibit are both from Cuba. I did this because of the location in the Beaverton City Library where they hang – behind a desk at the entrance where black and white prints are hard to see.

Photograph IX – Elder at the Tobacco Farm, Vinales

I immediately wanted to take a picture that focused on her face but also caught the colors and texture of her jacket. The lines in the field frame her and that’s important to the photograph. This woman could neither speak nor hear. Just after taking the photo, she twirled her finger at the side of her head referring to one of her fellow workers who was working the crowd of photographers.

Photograph X -- Drummer, Havana

We were at a Plaza listening to music, watching dancers, surrounded by many children. I sat on a wall patiently and this photograph was the outcome. I had been watching the drummer and wanted to take his portrait. When the woman wearing American flag pants came in the frame, I knew I had the pic I wanted. Parenthetically, American flag clothing was not unusual.

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