Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fourth of Ten -- Thoughts on My Photographs in Separate Wings of the Same Bird

As I set-up the show I thought that the photographs of these two women went together perfectly. They are similarly positioned and while the expressions differ, they both show pain or at least life’s struggles.

Photograph VII – Woman & Umbrella at Plaza de Armas

While it was again her eyes that first struck me, seeing her umbrella in the frame completed this picture. Actually, she forgot her umbrella and I ran after her to return it. Her eyes were so intense, penetrating. For me, she exuded pain – physical, economic, everything. Who Knows?

Photograph VIII – Tobacco Field Outside of Vinales

She was the crew leader and mostly I saw strength when I took her picture. The tobacco & lake frame her beautifully, but for me she is still the photo.  The mud on her fingers, her strong face, and as a lagniappe her light, green hair all speak to me. She spends her day picking tobacco but her hair shows her style – an example of seeing more joy amidst hard lives in Cuba.

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