Saturday, June 10, 2017

Seventh of Ten -- Thoughts on My Photographs in Separate Wings of the Same Bird

People shopping versus people sitting on the bench at La Placita—no need for further explanation of color v black & white or Cuba v Puerto Rico.

Photograph XIII – Shopping

I loved this corner and spent time watching people walk through. Must have shot a dozen pics but this one had everything I wanted. All three people’s eyes spoke to me. I loved the woman coming up the street with other people and the shops behind her. Finally, the blue wall and red car filled the frame perfectly. I wouldn’t dare to explain what the eight eyes are saying—I love that they’re looking right at me as I shoot.

Photograph XVI – Lottery Ticket Seller & Friend

I saw these people every day for a week. She shrugged when I gave her this pic but she looked right at me every time I shot. He talked to me, was sweet, and always had his bottle. Am thinking of a series just on him as I must have 25 images.

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